Liv Midbøe




Liv Midbøe, born 1980, is from Sweden, and graduated from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in Norway 2007. She has held solo exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and has participated in several selected or curated exhibitions at home and abroad. Her work is represented in several museums and institutions.

My work has always a phenomenological approach; connecting disparate resources, influences, intuitions, experiences and knowledge I explore different subjects of matter, often concerning heritage, origin and identity. My basic practice is ceramic mediums, but is freely combined with ready-mades, textiles, wood, steel or other materials. The result is sculptural/installation or relief work. Drawing is also an important ingredient for processing ideas and transforming them into three dimensions; sometimes they end up being part of the installations. I also take interest in spatial issues which have resulted in site specific/contextual work and several pieces concerning human relation to space.

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